Birdwatching Bolivia, Ramon and Suzanne Vargas, Buena Vista, Bolivia 


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Come immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Bolivia!
Join an American and Bolivian husband & wife team of naturalists and enter the wonder of the South American jungle.  While we specialize in bird watching and environmental education, we'll share with you the amazing insects, entertaining monkeys and sloths, and many other unique facets of Bolivia's natural world.
Professional naturalists fluent in both English and Spanish, we are uniquely equipped to guide individuals and groups of all levels of hiking and nature experience. As each visitor has specific interests in exploring the Bolivian jungle, we individually design each excursion to provide you with an experience you'll never forget. You can explore our website to identify one or more of the many sightseeing destinations you wish to see. And we're always happy to speak with you in order to create a truly amazing experience!