Birdwatching Bolivia, Ramon and Suzanne Vargas, Buena Vista, Bolivia 


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We are a Bolivian-American family dedicated to living in a positive relationship with the environment and to cultivating an appreciation of the natural world in others. From the way we raise our children to the way we do business, we strive for responsible stewardship of what we have at our fingertips.

Ramon Vargas

Ramon is Bolivian (Buena Vista) born-and-raised. He began his birding career in 2000 through a year-long workshop sponsored by the local Peace Corps volunteers. He is always listening to the chatter in the trees even when he is giving you his (near-) full attention. His background includes 9 years of guiding and serving as a volunteer ranger in Amboró National Park, 5 years as a field researcher for the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study at the University of Georgia, and numerous smaller projects related to bird banding and census, environmental education, and providing for the well-being of others. Ramon is currently the Volunteer Technical Director for the Curichi Cuajo (Heron Pool) Municipal Reserve in Buena Vista.

Suzanne Edwards de Vargas

Suzanne is a South Carolina native transplanted to Bolivia thanks to Peace Corps service. She is a Presbyterian College graduate with a BS in Biology and minors in Spanish and Music. Her career experience includes 5 years of environmental education in and around Amboró National Park, 5 years coordinating activities for the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study field research station, 2.5 years in  public education, and translation of technical documents for science education. She is the author of Chocolate para Ti, Chocolate para Mi, a children’s picture book showing the Bolivian way of processing chocolate. She currently develops Spanish-language environmental education materials.