Birdwatching Bolivia, Ramon and Suzanne Vargas, Buena Vista, Bolivia 


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Whenever possible, we will attempt to connect tourists with knowledgeable local guides in other locations. Sometimes English-speaking local guides that fit a group's requirements are not available. In these situations, Ramon is available for bird guiding outside of the Buena Vista area. Please contact us to arrange for guiding services in the following regions of the Santa Cruz department.

La Chiquitanía

The options are limitless along the Jesuit Mission Circuit. San Jose de Chiquitos and El Viejo Santa Cruz, Chochís Monolith, El Valle de Tucavaca Wildlife Reserve...each town along the way has character, natural beauty, and tranquility.

Los Valles Cruceños

Samaipata and its surroundings offer stunning views, endemic bird species, and a cool climate that is a refreshing change from Santa Cruz.