Birdwatching Bolivia, Ramon and Suzanne Vargas, Buena Vista, Bolivia 


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We are extremely fortunate in our lives – we don’t take that fact for granted. We are dedicated to giving back to our community in the ways we are most capable. There are several sectors where we most volunteer our time and efforts, and we invite others to join us in supporting the Bolivian people in whatever way feels most natural.

Amboró National Park

Both of our careers were nurtured through work in Amboró National Park. Very few National or State Parks in the world thrive without a strong volunteer force, yet in Bolivian culture volunteerism is scarce. We set aside important dates for the Park to participate in environmental education activities and are actively involved in maintenance and activities in the Park’s Interpretation Center located in Buena Vista.

Medical Ministry International

Serving alongside doctors and nurses who make great sacrifices to come to Bolivia to serve using specific skills is an honor. Each person gives of their talents for the greater good of humanity, and lives are truly changed.  Check out the opportunities to serve here:

How Visitors Can Help

Bolivia is a country full of needs.  We try to avoid creating further dependence on handouts and help in ways that educate or provide opportunities for improved health and independence of the local people. There are many ways a short-term visitor can help:

  • Bring along a Spanish-language children's book to donate to a school or library. Surprisingly, access to Spanish-language reading material is very limited here, and reading is not a popular activity. If there is a book you loved as a child, check to see if it is available in Spanish. We will make sure it is placed where it will be greatly used. 

  • Plan for a day of volunteering. All hands are helpful - for trash pickup along the rivers, trail maintenance, building repairs, etc. If you have skills that are out-of-the-ordinary, let us know and we'll find where you can be most effective. Even better if a local can work alongside of you and learn from the experience!

  • Appropriate equipment for observation, field research, and environmental education is difficult to obtain in Bolivia. Used or discarded equipment is quite useful, and we can assure any cast-offs such as binoculars, microscopes, tools, etc. are put to good use.

  • Support research and education from any point on the globe! Read all about the upcoming project and the race to save the Critically-Endangered Horned Currasow, Bolivia's most threatened bird species. A few clicks are all it takes!